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"And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the ages!" Matthew 28:20

The Catholic Church


Gregory County


Welcome to our new parish website! The local Catholic Church here in Gregory County is made up of four parishes. You'll find St. Joseph's parish in Gregory, Sacred Heart in Burke, Immaculate Conception in Bonesteel and St. Anthony of Padua in Fairfax. As Christ founded His Church to draw all humanity to His embrace, you'll find that our faith family here is welcoming and filled with grace and life. Whether you're a visitor or perhaps from around the area but have never stopped by, know that the door's always open!

About our Churches

Gregory County, South Dakota is located in the south-easternmost corner of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rapid City...

Faith Formation

As it is our Faith that deepens and enlightens our relationship with Christ, faith formation for all ages is one of our great values and treasures.

Mass and Confessions

During the week, we offer a number of masses throughout the county as well as weekly confession.

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