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As reiterated by the Second Vatican Council, from apostolic times, the Church has always held the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to be the "source and summit of the Christian life." It is here that the Sacrifice of Christ, once and for all, is re-presented to us in an unbloody manner. From the Holy Eucharist the Church finds Herself created anew every time it is celebrated. For this reason, the most important aspect of our parish life is the Sunday celebration of the Mass.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Sunday Mass and Confession  Schedule

Daily Mass Schedule

St. Joseph's, Gregory

     Sunday Mass: 10:30am

     Confessions: Saturday, 7pm-8pm

Sacred Heart, Burke

     Saturday Mass: 5:30pm

     Confessions: Saturday, 4-5pm

Immaculate Conception, Bonesteel

     1st, 3rd, 5th Sundays: 8:30am

     Confessions: Sunday, 7am-8am

St. Anthony of Padua, Fairfax

     2nd, 4th Sundays: 8:30am

     Confessions: Sunday, 7am-8am


No Mass


     5:30pm at St. Joseph's


     3:30pm at Haisch House Nursing        Home in Bonesteel


     9:00am at St. Joseph's


     1st, 3rd Fridays: Gregory Nursing Home

2nd, 4th Fridays: Silver Threads Assisted Living in Gregory

Eucharistic Fast

From the earliest days, the Church has asked for fasting before the reception of Holy Communion. Throughout the ages this fast has undergone changes. The current practice of the Church asks that all who are not conscious of grave sin and intend to receive Holy Communion, fast a least one hour before reception from food and drink, with the exception of water and medication. Those who are elderly or infirm are not required to make the fast.

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